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What our clients are saying

Rufus Williams - PA "My whole focus has been turned around by being honest with you Winston. When I started my sessions my life was in confusion. I did not know which way was up and I was very depressed. Our intense 1 hr. sessions made me feel better about my future than I had in years and now I believe that with God more...
Bro. Elvin and the Men's ministry of "Thank you, Pastor Winston, for creating and facilitating our 3 day Men of Integrity Retreat for our Men's Ministry. You challenged us to reevaluate our role in the community and our homes as well as our church! You helped us feel man enough to cry again! It was positive and uplifting for us all...  more...
Cassandra DuPont, President & Founder of M If you are considering getting real on time help, I would highly recommend that you check Winston out! He has a way of putting everything into perspective, into manageable pieces, and you can tell he is PASSIONATE about helping people. I stay on track with my goals and he has kept me motivated, insp more...
Rev. Craig G. Washington -Social Serv 

You are a coach's coach!

Anonymous (of course) - NYC I am a recovering alcoholic and addict. My life was not heading where I wanted it to go. I felt stuck. I was in weekly sessions with an aftercare counselor, but didn't feel as if I was making great progress. Then I met Mr. Winston and signed up for life coaching. I can say that it has been the m more...
Eleanor Ramos, Min.of Music, Union City My life is so different in so many ways since participating in our weekly sessions. I live in victory and I have a peace that surpasses comprehension. Knowing I am a part of God's plans and that He really has a purpose for MY life is awesome! He truly used you to show me the way to exploring my true more...
Arthur Brown I found clarity and value in my dreams & goals, and all I can say is I AM ENCOURAGED!" You let me see that I had more than enough to win my battle and that victory was only a thought away. Thanks Trump!
Shalom Brown, Department Of Substance A 

"I would recommend your coaching or mentoring to everyone. You have kept me focused and motivated for the past 13 months! Everything you have suggested has worked for me."You the man!